Joe’s Story

I wanted to spend my summer at a firm that provides a hands-on work experience; a firm that promotes ambition and demands excellence; a firm where I would not be just another number in a legal factory; and a firm where I would learn from some of the most successful lawyers in the Northwest. Ashbaugh Beal delivered results.

On my first day of work, I was immediately assigned to meaningful cases working with the firm’s partners. These projects included compiling legal research for a Ninth Circuit appellate brief, drafting arguments in preparation for mediation, and summarizing evolved areas of law for client needs. Ashbaugh Beal’s attorneys were always approachable to answer my questions and provide constructive feedback to my work product. It was clear to me that the associates and partners had a desire for me to succeed and enjoyed teaching me how to achieve results. Accordingly, my assignments became more challenging and rewarding. By the end of the summer, my work product was being delivered directly to the client and I even drafted an evidentiary motion that was submitted to the court. I learned more from these substantive experiences in one summer at Ashbaugh Beal than I ever did in the law school setting.

Aside from being intellectually challenged every day in the office, everyone made feel I was a part of the Ashbaugh Beal family. At various social gatherings throughout the summer, the attorneys and support staff went out of their way to get to know me personally. These social events included regularly playing basketball after work, going to concerts and ball games, and a private “Ride The Ducks of Seattle™” tour that I will never forget. It quickly became apparent that I no longer viewed everyone at Ashbaugh Beal as merely my colleagues, but also as my friends and mentors.

I am eager to start my career at Ashbaugh Beal. This firm will provide me with the necessary opportunities and resources to accomplish my professional goals. Being surrounded by some of the most reputable litigators and transactional attorneys in the region, it is encouraging to know I will always be pushed when developing my practice and client relationships. My summer experience was productive, fun and made me even more excited about my future at Ashbaugh Beal.

Joe Stockton,

Ashbaugh Beal Summer Associate, 2011