Sarah’s Story

I joined Ashbaugh Beal as a summer associate for a simple reason: the people. So after a grueling round of OCI interviews and callbacks, accepting my offer to become a summer associate was a natural decision that I have never regretted for a second.

On my first day at the firm, the other attorneys welcomed me, made me comfortable (in my own, beautiful office overlooking Lake Washington), and then let me dive in. My first assignments at the firm were for real clients and real, pending cases. I immediately knew the work I was doing was valuable and would actually be used. In other words, I got to be a real member of the team. It meant so much to me to know that my thoughts mattered and that my work would be used.

Throughout the summer, my work and experiences at Ashbaugh Beal became more in-depth, and more fascinating. I got to meet with clients, sit in on a deposition, participate in a mediation, and do intriguing legal research. Better still, I was given the unique opportunity to be a partner’s “right-hand woman” in a successful, two-week jury trial. I truly believe that my work as a summer associate was more realistic and more important than the work most summer associates have the opportunity to do.

Aside from my work, my summer at Ashbaugh Beal was the most fun summer I’ve had during law school. I got to know my co-workers by getting to participate in several happy hours and lunches, our putt-putt golf party, a spectacular hike, and the firm’s annual 18-hole golf tournament at a beautiful course.

My summer made my decision to accept an offer for full time employment at Ashbaugh Beal easy. I am confident in my decision to start my career at Ashbaugh Beal, and proud to be a part of its team.

Sarah Cox, Ashbaugh Beal Summer Associate, 2012